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I was just looking a good way to mount /tmp directory on AWS EC2 ephemeral storage automatically. Then I stumbled on this post. Nice method if you are using Ubuntu (or other distribution that uses Upstart).

# File /etc/init/mounted-mnt.conf

# mounted-mnt - Binds /tmp to /mnt/tmp

description     "Binds /tmp to /mnt/tmp"

start on mounted MOUNTPOINT=/mnt


    test -d /mnt/tmp || mkdir -m 1777 /mnt/tmp
    mount --bind /mnt/tmp /tmp
end script

And the good idea behind this, as told in the post, is

Some servers, like Apache/Passenger, might create important temporary files on /tmp. Once rc.local – the last in the boot sequence – ran they would get hidden and confuse the servers.


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