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Monthly Archives: Oktober 2013

Another snippets today.

s3cmd put \
    --add-header=Expires:"`date -R --date='10 years'`"; \
    --add-header=Cache-Control:'max-age=31536000, public' \
    -P \
    [file] [bucket]


s3cmd put \
    --add-header=Expires:"`date -u +"%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT" --date='10 years'`"  
    --add-header=Cache-Control:'max-age=31536000, public'  \   
    -P \
    [file] [bucket]

As usual, I wrote this because I always forgot about this.

Lately I have installed some services in my development laptop such as `elasticsearch`. And some of these services got automatically started every time the laptop start.

So turns out I can just remove all of the symlinks of init scripts in the `/etc/rc?.d` directory.

More explanation can be read here.

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