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Just share a bit. When we want to commit source code, it’s better to check locally before pushing the source code to repository which then check them at the build server.

Here’s a source code for the wrapper script. The needed binaries are PHPCS, ESLint, and Stylelint.

To execute in the pre-commit, you can just use this.

SOURCE_FILES=${SOURCE_FILES:-`git diff-index --name-only --diff-filter=ACMR HEAD`}

exit $?

Usually before committing a file we need to check modified files against the code convention before committing to the code repository.

Here’s a single line to run modified files in Git against PHPCS.

git ls-files -m | grep '\.php$' | xargs ./vendor/bin/phpcs -s --standard=etc/phpcs/ruleset.xml

Code above assumes you install PHPCS using composer and have your own standard located in the etc/phpcs/ruleset.xml.


To check all uncommited files, run this

git ls-files --others --exclude-standard | grep '\.php$' | xargs ./vendor/bin/phpcs -s --standard=etc/phpcs/ruleset.xml
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